Here's how you can get 25-50 Solid Booked Sales Calls With High End Prospects in 30 Days or Less

Using Highly Targeted Linkedin Events, Personalized Email Funnels, and Systems to fill your calendar with more qualified appointments on autopilot

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Who this is for:

Business coaches, consultants, and agency owners with $5k - $50k packages and you want need more high quality sales calls so you can enroll more clients

The problems we help you solve:

Inconsistent Client Acquisition:

You prospect like crazy one month, so you load up on clients, but the next month you are slammed with fulfillment, so you aren't getting sales calls, so revenue is up and down.

Your offer is too complicated so you can't scale:

Because lead flow is inconsistent, it's easy to fall into the traffic of solving any problem for anyone who will pay. The problem is that every contract requires a new blank slate, so it's hard to scale.

You are guessing at what works to get more calls:

Each month a new "guru" tells you their secret sauce . . which may or may not work for you. But you waste countless hours that add up to wasted months, testing things that don't work out

You are doing everything yourself so you can't scale.

As long as you are doing everything, or just outsourcing a few low-brain-cell tasks to VAs, you are stuck at your own work level for revenue.

You can't scale because you don't have consistent systems, and you don't have consistent systems because you are trying to go it alone.

Here's how we help you:

Consistently target high end, high value prospects who need your help:

When you are targeting the RIGHT 50 prospects a day, and 10 of them are attending your Linkedin Events, you aren't wasting your time with tire-kickers, but instead talking with qualified people who see you are credible.

Use Linkedin Events to create such credibility and presence that you are "top of mind" when a prospect is ready to take action:

With higher prices, buying cycles can be longer, and if you aren't top-of-mind, another faster consultant gets the business. With the linkedin events system, plus regular posting, YOU are top-of-mind and get inbound calls booked.

Make your $5k - $50k offer more homegeneous so you can deliver more clients with ease:

This allows you to escape the fulfillment bottleneck with forces you to work extra when you make more sales. Now, you can reliably outsource client work, so that you can increase and smooth out scaled income.

Predictably scale up revenue from $20k - $40k - $60k a month and beyond:

When you can fill your calendar predictably, you can outsource sales (if you want) or outsource fulfillment if you love sales. The key to outsourcing is consistency, and once you can consistently keep the calendar full, you can sell much more . . even scaling to $100k/month with a full time sales person.

The Linkedin Events Funnel System helps you:


Get consistent high-end sales appointments who already know, like, and trust you

Dial your $5k - $50k offer into a reliable selling system so you get consistent clients

Allows you to scale up fast once you have consistency and systems behind your consulting expertise

Our guarantee:


If you don't get results the first 30 days, we will refund your money and give you $1000 for your time!

Go ahead, book a call, talk with a team member, and see if this will work for you:

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Imagine the freedom when you have consistent calls coming in, you are making consistent high-end sales, or your sales team is predictably selling:

You can help more clients, with less load and stress on yourself, in addition to taking home more revenue while have the freedom to take more time off.

This is only possible when you streamline operations so that it's predictable, and a linkedin event funnel gives you the best leads with the high buyer - intent, so you can scale quickly.

--Sean Mize

P.S. I hope you choose to talk with us, if we can't help you'll we'll tell you so because we only want to work with ideal clients.

And if we can help you, you can start getting more clients fast with a linkedin events funnel and appointment setting system.